Join an amazing virtual environment to provide or participate in live interactive learning with instructors and peers.

As a member you can join in any time. The virtual environment is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can log in any time to work on your assignments, attend classes or just to play around and chat with Instructors and peers.

  • All┬ámember receives a virtual representation of themselves called an Avatar. Your Avatar is needed for interaction while in world.
  • Customization of your Avatar is possible. You can customize your Avatar a bit to your liking.
  • You can receive new objects in world to accessorize your look or add to your collection of toys, tools and gadgets.
  • Course Developers can create simple or elaborate tasks to build hands on experience and keep track the students accomplishments in our LMS system.
  • Course Developers can offer assignments, objects, files, notes and tasks to specific individuals, groups or provide access to everyone.
  • Instructor led classes can be open or exclusive using pre built classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Instructors will find a wide range of tools like active web browsing, streaming video presentation, active content, large screen displays, object and file distribution, live voice, text chat and email access for participants and much more.
  • Students can receive assignments to accomplish tasks or just join in open tasks and receive credit in their LMS learning profile.
  • In world you can schedule and participate in live classes which can be self paced or instructor led.
  • Experiment with objects, components and assemblies for in depth understanding.
  • Collaborate with peers. Use live voice communication, text chat and email
  • Share tools, files and resources or trade toys and accessories

The opportunities in Virtual training are endless and provides a unique memorable experience to the user.

Come join us and enjoy your training!